Roses + Shea Butter + Rose Quartz

Dip into this silky smooth moisturizing butter balm + be instantly transported to your favorite Rose Garden.

The scent of real Roses is a true luxury + organic Shea Butter is the creamiest, dreamiest moisture for dry skin. A reparative herbal infusion of calendula, chamomile, lavender + plantain add another dimension of plant-based healing from the garden to your skin.

Lilting, luxurious Roses in full bloom, cascading branches weighed down with blooming flowers + rose buds sparkling with magical dew drops, glistening in sunlight. Pendulous blossoms + soft luminous petals invite you into their midst.

This butter balm is drenched in the pure, natural scent of Roses, fresh from the garden on a sunny day. The mesmerizing scent of Roses instills a sense of peace + happiness. Rose is a balm for the emotions. Rose comforts the heart + gives it a soft, warm hug.

A smooth piece of rose quartz is nestled into the top of the butter, adding sweet, heart-warming crystal energy.

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