Wear your Unicorn Stone Bracelets + take a deep breath into your heart space. Exhale + release any pent up emotions + stagnant energy. Breathe out fear, anxiety + tension that you've been holding onto. Imagine your breath bringing in calm, stillness, joy, empathy, positivity + filling your aura with a deep sense of safety. Repeat as many times as you need to feel clear, balanced + anchored in your heart energy. 

Unicorn Stone is soothing + supportive. This powerful but gentle combination of Pink Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Smokey Quartz + Cleavelandite resonates with the Heart Chakra + the energy of the Divine Mother. Wear your Unicorn Stone Bracelet to foster emotional healing + soothe heartache + calm anxious thoughts. 

You will receive 1 intuitively chosen mix + match stackable stretchy bracelet. These bracelets are made of natural stones with unique variances in shape, size, stone patterns + color. The dropdown show size details such as: 5-6mm 6.25" which can be decoded as 5-6 millimeter beads with a 6.25 inch interior wrist circumference, etc.

Bracelets are packaged, ready for gifting in a gift box with a bow. If you purchase more than one bracelet, they will arrive together in the same jewelry box unless you specify that you need individual boxes for each. Write a note in your order or send us an email, we're happy to accommodate.

Remove your beaded jewelry before swimming or showering to protect its longevity.

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