Rhodochrosite is ruled by the planet Venus. Its heart-healing pink is the color of love. This stone links us to Divine Feminine energy in all forms.

Like the soft petals of a rose, Rhodochrosite vibrates with the high + sweet  energies of compassion + joy, facilitating deeper emotional connections + openness to love without judgment or expectations.

Rhodochrosite soothes the heart, comforts the soul + aligns one to the frequencies of inner peace.

Rhodochrosite pulsates with the electrical energy of Universal Love, stimulating one’s creativity, increasing your sense of self worth allowing for deeper emotional healing.

This stone calls into our heart space + gently nudges us to rise to our full potential.

Intuitively chosen for you. These mini rhodochrosite spheres vary in saturation, ratio of pink to gray, patterns + striations, sparkle + clarity/opacity as shown in the photos. Weights + measures are approximate. 

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